Well managed lessons plan by all teachers for every session.
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1 Lesson Plan Political Science 01/03/2024 View
2 Lesson Plan History 04/03/2024 View
3 Lesson Plan Commerce Fin A/c, Bus Mgmt, BRF, Corp. Law, Cost A/c 04/03/2024 View
4 Lesson Plan Geography 4th Sem 05/03/2024 View
5 Lesson Plan Commerce Business Environment, Marketing Management, Business Statistics, Financial Management, Auditing 05/03/2024 View
6 Lesson Plan Geography 5th and 6th Semester 07/03/2024 View
7 Commerce Lession Plan Internation Marketing,GST,Taxation Law,Business Economics,Corporate Accounting 20/03/2024 View
8 Geography 4th Sem Practical and Theory Lession Plan 20/03/2024 View
9 Lession Plan Hindi 1st Year and 3rd Year 20/03/2024 View
10 Lession Plan Hindi B.Sc. 20/03/2024 View
11 Lession Plan Hindi 2nd Year 20/03/2024 View
12 Lession Plan History 2nd and 6th Sem 20/03/2024 View
13 Lession plan Public Administration 2nd Sem 21/03/2024 View
14 Lession plan Public Administration 4th Sem 21/03/2024 View